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My professional needs more time to finish

Your professional is not expected to stay beyond the hourly duration scheduled based on your item, but you may discuss an extension with them if more time is needed to complete the service as desired. If you would like to extend a booking currently taking place, you may request additional time by contacting our customer service team through the chat icon on the bottom right.

If you’ve selected the service separately from the item, and the service does not match the item you require assembled, the professional may not be able to complete the job. Please ensure when selecting a service separately from your item that it is a match for the work required so that the pro is able to complete the booking.

The addition of up to 2 additional hours will come at no additional cost to you, Angi will cover it! We want to make sure your service is completed and we'll make sure the professional is compensated accordingly on our end. If more than 2 additional hours are needed beyond the original booking time, you’ll need to approve the additional time and accept any charges related to these added hours. 

If you want to adjust the booking hours on a job, use the chat icon in the bottom right to let our customer service team know.

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